International Rankings
Each competitive game in our database generates rating points for the two teams involved. Our ratings are a weighted average of these rating points divided by games played. The ratings are based on a number of factors:
  • How recent the game was
  • Significance of game. Finals score more highly than qualifiers. Knock-out stages score more highly than group games
  • Strength of opposition
  • Strength of the competition as a whole
Teams have 3 sets of rankings points. Attack and defence points are based around the goals scored and conceded in competitive matches. The FootySimulator simulations are based on these values. The overall rating is based purely on a team's ability to get results. These overall rankings are our best indicator of the comparitive strength of teams and are what you see here.

For more information on how are rankings are produced, please click here.

Club Rankings
Our club rankings have a similar basis to our international ratings but with the following limitations:
  • Ratings are based on domestic league matches and also games in the primary continental competition (the UEFA Champions League, the Copa Liberatadores or the CONCACAF Champions League).
  • Rankings are based on a weighted average over three years with the most recent results weighted highest.