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Welcome to FootySimulator's virtual competitions.

Occasionally we run simulations involving all the teams in order to check that the site works and the data is accurate. So what better than to combine this with a virtual tournament where we've set the rules. Of course, you can do this yourself too if you wish.

For the FootySimulator FA Cup tournaments, we've decided to abolish penalty shoot-outs and bring back unlimited replays. In the tournaments, we don't bother with best of 99 or anything like that. We're not after data to bet with. Our games are best of 1. This has allowed for plenty of shock results but big teams still seem to make it to the final. Indeed, although the our Virtual World Cups were conceived as a bit of fun, it is telling that our first three competitions were run by either Holland or Spain - the finalists in the real World Cup of 2010.

Things we may look at in future are the Reverse World Cup which aims to find the worst team and a group based virtual tournament. If you wish to run your own group tournaments, you'll need to subscribe in order to get access to the group simulation functionality.

You can find details of our virtual tournaments by using the menus at the top of this page. Or click on the buttons below.

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