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FootySimulator - The International Football Scores Predictor - Club FootySimulator
Subscribers to Club FootySimulator can run simulations between more than 900 clubs. This part of the site can be accessed from the selection screen, Clubs appearing as an extra option on the drop-down along with International.

The selection screen has the same initials filter as for international matches however the confederations logos will have been replaced by national flags. Click on any of these flags to get a list of all clubs in the Club FootySimulator database from that country. Clicking on a flag will also bring up a list of leagues belonging to that country that you may also filter by. Some countries have just the one league at present. At the other extreme, England has clubs down to tier 7 that you may access.

Simulations are generated in exactly the same way as for international matches and may be generated with either team at home or at a neutral venue.