Football Gambling

In recent years football has overtaken horse racing and greyhound racing to become the most popular sport for those looking to place a bet. This is an impressive achievement for a game that once had a limited appeal for the gambler and there are many reasons as to why this has happened.
Clearly the popularity of football has boomed in recent years with the introduction of the Premiership and the TV revenue passed on to the clubs that has allowed them to bring in some of the world`s greatest stars. Football was in danger of going stale before the premier league but now it is more popular than ever. In addition, more live football brings more fun and more opportunities to watch games that you have placed a bet on.
Another reason for the rise of football as a game for the punters is the increase in available markets. At one point you could only place a bet on the result and maybe the correct score. These days there is a huge wealth of markets including next goalscorer, time of goal, number of corners, yellow cards and so on. If you can imagine a specific event taking place on a football field, you can probably place a bet on it. Betting in play is another new development that is extremely popular with fans all over the world.
Equally, the availability of divisions has expanded and you can not only put a bet on the Premiership and Championship, you can head down to the Conference and beyond. Games from across the world are also made available from South America, Africa and the more remote parts of Europe.
Needless to say, the internet explosion has helped as well and made gambling more accessible than ever. There is no need to visit a betting shop if you don`t want to as any bet can be placed from the comfort of your own living room.
Another reason why football has moved to the top of the list centres around the changes in worldwide gambling. Liberalisation of gambling in France has opened that particular market and there are ever increasing rumours that legalised gambling may finally be allowed across the USA.
World markets have also brought their own unique contributions to betting and the Asian handicap is now a popular form of spread betting that reduces the possible number of outcomes in a game and is therefore popular with many punters.
Football may be number one with gamblers but it isn`t becoming complacent. New innovations are being introduced all the time and a new programme called FootySimulator can even have you playing virtual games with teams from all over the world. For all football punters this can have some interesting benefits such as viewing who the key players are and where the club`s strengths lie. This promises to be an exciting development which is bound to be popular with beginners and serious punters alike.
Betting on football is more exciting and popular than ever before and with new innovations and an increase in live football streaming this can only continue to grow over the next few years.