FSFA Cup 2010
FootySimulator - FSFA Cup 2010
  • The FootySimulator FA Cup 2010 is a virtual tournament run on a knockout basis. Features of the tournament are as follows :
  • Pure knockout format. All fixtures are played on a best of 1 basis. A team is eliminated from the competition by a single defeat.

  • Traditional FA Cup rules. Matches last 90 minutes and take place on the ground of the team drawn first. If a game ends in a draw, a replay takes place on the ground of the team drawn second. If the scores in the replay are level, 30 minutes extra time is played. If the scores are still level, a second replay takes place on a neutral ground. Extra time will be played if necessary. If scores are still level after this, a third replay will be played on a neutral ground. And so on until a winner is determined. Semi finals and final will take place on a neutral ground and will go into extra time in the first match.

  • Seedings. There are 32 seeded teams. These teams are exempt until Round 2. Teams ranked 33-200 enter the competition in Round 1. Preliminary matches take place for teams ranked outside the top 200 or for teams who are unranked. Winners of these preliminary matches qualify for Round 1.

  • Open Draw. Any team may draw any other team regardless of seeding, geographical location or political issues.

  • The teams. FSFA Cup 2010 comprises a record 247 teams. These comprise the 214 teams with an official FootySimulator ranking. These are the teams that are affiliated to FIFA or a FIFA-recognized confederation. There are also 33 unranked teams. These include teams from the NF-Board - countries or nations that have not been admitted to FIFA (e.g. Greenland) and teams from the Island Games. These are distinct geographical entities that do not have FIFA representation (e.g. Jersey).

  • The Format. Round 2 consists of 128 teams and from this point the competition is a straight knock-out. To get from 247 to 128, 23 teams are eliminated in the preliminary round and then there are 96 first round ties to cut the teams from 224 to 128. The top 32 ranked teams are exempt until Round 2.