Davis Cup 2015
FootySimulator - Davis Cup of Football Introduction

There is an expanded format for the second edition of FootySimulator's Davis Cup.

Format of the groups. Sixteen teams in each continent or continental group are paired into 8 head to head ties by a seeded draw. The eight winning teams progress to the quarter-finals, then semis, and final. The eight losing teams are paired with each other and the losers of those matches go into a promotion/relegation play-off with a team from the division below them.

Format of the ties. Teams play home and away and the team with the higher aggregate score progresses. In the event a tie is level on aggregate, away goals do not count. Instead a deciding third match shall be played on a neutral ground. This deciding match will be played to next goal wins. All of these ties are played using FootySimulator's middle result of 5 simulation level.

For the 2014 season, the Davis Cup of Football had a European edition and an Americas edition featuring teams from both North and South America. In each case, the top 8 teams in the FootySimulator rankings qualify as of right and are seeded. Teams 9-24 take part in a qualifying competition for the other 8 berths. Teams 9-16 are seeded.

In the 2015 Europe expanded into two divisions. Division 1 comprises the 12 automatic qualifiers from 2014 along with the 4 victors in the promotion/relegation play-offs. For division 2, the remaining 8 teams from 2014 are joined by 16 more teams, determined by their FootySimulator Ranking. These 16 teams are paired into 8 seeded Classification matches, the winners of which complete Division 2.

We've also expanded the Americas Zone into two divisions by adding the next 8 sides in the FootySimulator Rankings to the 24 that competed in 2014.

Finally we've added a Rest of the World Zone featuring teams from Africa, Asia and Oceania. 8 seeded teams qualify as of right, the next 16 are paired into classification matches to determine who joins Division 1. The seedings broadly follow the FootySimulator rankings, however this is modified slightly to guarantee representation from all regions.