World League 2019
FootySimulator - World League 2019 - European Zone
European Zone - Play-offs
Division 7/Non-league Play-off Final
Greenland 2:1 AET Aland
Greenland promoted, Aland relegated.
Division 6/7 Play-off Final
Guernsey 1:2 Andorra
No changes.
Division 5/6 Play-off
Latvia 1:2 Kazakhstan
No changes.
Division 4/5 Play-off
Estonia 2:1 AET Lithuania
Estonia promoted. Lithuania relegated.
Division 3/4 Play-off
Montenegro 1:2 Scotland
No changes.
Division 1 Grand Final
Portugal 2:3 AET England
Champions for 2019: England

League restructing for 2020.

Divisions 3/4/5 are changed from three leagues of 8 to two leagues of 12 with a split down the old Division 4. The old Division 6 becomes a new 12 team Division 5. These changes were based on the 2019 finishing positions with 2 special inter-division play-off matches to facilitate the changes.
Special Play-off 1
Corsica 7:0 Isle of Man
Corsica receive a 'double promotion' to play in the new Division 5. Isle of Man remain in the new Division 6.
Special Play-off 2
Kosovo 0:1 AET Albania
Albania to play in the new Division 3. Kosovo to play in the new Division 4.