Frequently asked questions about FootySimulator's football prediction software

When running a simulation, what is the difference between NEUTRAL MODE and TOURNAMENT MODE?

In Neutral Mode, both teams have ratings based around their performances away from their home ground, whether these games were away, at a neutral venue or at a tournament. Tournament Mode ratings only include matches based on tournament play. You may find this usedul for situations where a team overperforms or underperforms at tournaments. However, the tournament ratings may be less accurate for nations without much recent tournament experience. In fact, some teams will not even have a tournament rating so this option will not be available when running simulations for those teams.

Can I take a match straight to penalties?

Yes you can. The final stage before kicking off the simulation includes an option called Skip 90 minutes. This allows you to go straight to extra-time, penalties, or whatever you selected as your means of setting a drawn game. If you select this option, it's as if the 90 minutes didn't happen and that part of the game ended 0-0.'

What are Phantom teams? How do they work?

Phantom teams are teams which we've started setting up but have not activated, usually because their information is incomplete so we cannot provide accurate data for simulations. VIPs can play games with Phantom teams, even against fully activated teams. VIPs can also use the Ratings Override feature to award their own ratings to these teams.

Why can't I simulate a match between a club team and an international team?

Although we've tried to harmonize the international and club sites as much as possible, these run off different databases and the ratings are calculated in a slightly different way. So an international team with a rating of 110 is not necessarily better than a club team with a rating of 105, or vice versa.

Does FootySimulator work on mobile devices?

Originally FootySimulator was designed for PC only, however it quickly became necessary to write a mobile friendly version. If you use both versions, you may notice that the mobile version has slightly slimmed-down functionality and the way teams are selected is different. We also tend to make display enhancements to the mobile and standard versions at different times.