FootySimulator - The International Football Scores Predictor - New gameplay for 2014

New gameplay for 2014


Following the new database release that's been available on Beta since the spring, we've been working on some gameplay enhancements to go with it. As before, this new functionality is available in the Beta section and the old style gameplay continues in the usual place for those that prefer it.

What are the changes?

Team selection. We've made some enhancements to the filtering. It's now possible to filter teams by initial letter. We've also streamlined the graphical selection area so you can select teams not only by continent but by competition or ranking position. Later on there will also be the facility for subscribers to construct their own lists of favourite countries from which to select teams.

Once you've selected 2 teams, you may then select either to play at home (assuming both teams have home and away ratings), or at a neutral venue. Additionally there is an option to use the sides' tournament ratings assuming both teams have previously played in the final stages of a competitive tournament. Then you can select a drawn game to end as a draw or go to a combination of extra time, penalties and golden goal decider.

If you're running simulations over best of 1 or best of 5 games, you'll quickly notice an additional feature: team lists and named goalscorers. The first incarnation of this will just select the most 11 appropriate players according to the data, more advanced future versions will select 11 players from a squad of 18 or 23 based on random fluctuations in form and fitness.

ONE MORE THING. Please note that all of this functionality is still in Beta test mode. Also please note that due to the monumental task of keeping squad data up to date, the team lists and goalscorers are there more to add a touch of realism than to be a completely up to date and reliable betting guide.