The Rise Of "In Play" Betting

Since in play betting or `betting in play` as it is alternatively referred to was created, it has revolutionised the industry and changed the way we gamble on football, together with a whole host of other sports. Prior to in play betting`s arrival, you would have to stake your money before a match had kicked off and then wait the entire length of the game before discovering whether you had won or lost. Now, you can pick up a win in a matter of seconds with the fast paced nature of live football betting.

With betting in play, you can still place your bets on virtually every aspect of a football match from the result, the correct score to the name of the next goal scorer and many more. It is a popular pastime for a number of reasons but it attracts a large proportion of the betting fraternity because it really tests their skills as a match analyst.

To be successful in live betting you have to possess great speed of thought when it comes to considering the development of a game and trying to decide how it will evolve. Experienced football watchers can get an instinctive feeling that one team or maybe even an individual player is close to scoring and although we are not always right, that instinct can help you turn a lucrative profit via betting in play.

Along with speed of thought you will need speed of action too because prices change frequently during a match. You may have identified a player who you think is showing good form and looks likely to score the next goal and you will need to stake your money when the odds are at their highest. This means equipping yourself with all the right tools.

If you are watching a football match at home on the TV, the speed of betting in play means that you must have portable, internet ready devices on hand to take advantage of those changing prices. It really is no use having a PC in another room because the action really is that fast.

Having a laptop, tablet, or preferably a mobile phone also means that you can bet in play when you are watching in a bar, at a friend`s house or generally away from home. Having taken care of your gateway to the bookmakers, you now need help in finding the available games.

These days, most of the top football matches around the world are covered but sites such as can make sure that you know exactly what is available at any time. If you don`t want to miss out on a match, it is worth checking the site to make sure that the bookmakers are covering it. Overall, there are 559 leagues covered here from countries all over the world including England, Scotland, Italy, France, Spain, Russia and beyond.

As for predicting the outcomes, it always pays to do plenty of research into teams and players so that you are aware of who is in form at any one time. Additionally, sites such as can help with your predictions so look out for that and any tips you can get from the TV and media pundits. Footysimulator is particularly useful because it can help you predict the final result, correct score, half time score, whether there will be over the standard 2.5 goals mark and more.

If you have any doubts over the popularity of betting in play then you only need to watch a live match on TV and wait for the bookmakers` adverts that follow during the half time break. This is a huge part of the business and whilst bookies are reluctant to publish exact numbers, it is estimated that over 50% of the football betting fraternity use live betting as part of their regular gambling strategy.

This is an exciting concept and with so much football around the world, there has never been a better time to get involved. Remember to do your research, look for tips and check the available games via SofaScore and you are ready to begin.