Former Premier League Players from Canada

Today�s society has become much more global making these expansive distances seem much less so. These connections have led many professional sporting leagues to seek talent beyond the borders of their home country. This is quite true for the sports of UK football. The football clubs often have programs established in other countries to begin training and nurturing promising football talent. One country that has been a place from which several premier players have originated is Canada.

One Canadian player to play in the English Premier League is Frank Yallop. Yallop spent most of his professional career playing in England. He spent 13 years playing for Ipswich Town. During his long career, he made over 300 match appearances. He also has the distinction of playing the first three seasons of the Premier League. In 1996, he did return to North America to play soccer, which is the version of football player over there. He is currently the head coach of the San Jose Earthquakes, an American soccer team.

Another Canadian to make it to the English Premier League is David Edgar. He was signed with the Newcastle Football Club and was part of their reserve team. During the 2006-2007 Premiership season, he made his first debut in the Premier League. Edgar later earned accolades for a match where he was moved to an unfamiliar position. He was also praised for his ability to keep football star, Cristiano Ronaldo, at bay. In 2009, Newcastle lost status in the Premier League. At that time, Edgar�s contract expired. He ended up rejecting the contract offered to him by Newcastle and left the club.

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