FSFA Cup 2013
3rd Round
A freak draw gave each of the top 12 seeds home advantage and most games went with expectations. Moldova had a surprise win against USA and Luxembourg led against Venezuela before being held to a draw. Belgium blew a 2-0 lead against Bahrain. China shocked Armenia with a late winner. In the most incredible game of the round, Russia led 4-1 against Uruguay early in the second half before Uruguay fought back to equalise in the 85th minute and then net an 89th minute winner. Bulgaria, Argentina and Greece also came back from behind to win. Italy and South Africa also required 89th minute winners to progress.
Egypt 5-2 Morocco
Luxembourg 1-1 Venezuela
USA 0-2 Moldova
England 5-0 Namibia
France 1-0 Mexico
Paraguay 0-2 Sweden
Albania 0-2 Bosnia & Herzegovina
Chile 0-1 Latvia
Portugal 3-0 Turkey
Switzerland 5-0 Peru
Bahrain 2-2 Belgium
Slovakia 3-1 Antigua & Barbuda
Angola 4-2 Saudi Arabia
China 1-0 Armenia
Bulgaria 2-1 Ecuador
Holland 3-0 Slovenia
Russia 4-5 Uruguay
Uganda 0-1 Jordan
Croatia 2-1 Cameroon
North Korea 2-1 Mali
Argentina 3-1 Nigeria
Montenegro 3-0 Wales
Germany 1-0 Israel
Ukraine 2-2 Malawi
Czech Republic 3-1 Senegal
Brazil 4-1 Ivory Coast
Belarus 4-2 Gabon
Greece 3-2 Poland
Scotland 2-0 Tunisia
South Africa 1-0 Equatorial Guinea
Italy 2-1 Denmark
Spain 2-0 Togo
Only 3 replays this year, reflecting the fact that most of the strong teams were drawn at home. No surprises in the 3 rematches as all 3 favourites finished off games they should really have won at the first attempt.
Venezuela 4-0 Luxembourg
Belgium 5-1 Bahrain
Malawi 1-2 Ukraine