FSFA Vase 2016
FootySimulator - FSFA Vase Introduction

The FSFA Vase is a virtual international football tournament for 'non-league' countries that are not affiliated to FIFA or any of the six continental confederations. The competition features teams from the Island Games, the various alternative world cups and a couple of other sides that have appeared in neither but do appear in certain international competitions.

The FSFA Vase also serves as a qualifying tournament for the FSFA Cup which we have been running since 2007. The 8 teams that get to the quarter-finals or beyond will qualify automatically for the 1st Round of the FSFA Cup 2016.

Format. All games are best of 1 and will be have a home team where this is possible. In reality most games, particularly in the early rounds will be staged at neutral venues. The highest ranked teams receive a bye to round 2 which features 32 teams. From there the competition is straight knockout without seeding advantage.

Format of the ties. Home and away where possible. Should a game be drawn after 90 minutes, the game will proceed to a replay which can feature extra time. If a game is still drawn after a replay, there shall be a second replay, with extra time if necessary, at a neutral ground.