FootySimulator - Tournament of Champions Introduction
Tournament of Champions
The FootySimulator Tournament of Champions is a virtual international football tournament for the top 24 tournament nations in world football and is played exclusively using nations' tournament ratings. The tournament shall be played every 2 years following either a World Cup or a European Championship.

24 teams are selected and seeded according to ranking points accumulated via World Cups and Continental Championships. Ranking points are allocated thus. 5 points for a win; 4 for a final; 3 for a semi-final; 2 for a quarter-final and 1 for participation in the final stages of the event (i.e. elimination before the quarter finals). Points are accumulated over the last 4 tournaments (i.e. last 2 World Cups and last 2 continental championships). The 24 highest ranking nations qualify for the Tournament of Champions subject to 2 other conditions. All entrants must have appeared in the final stages of at least 2 competitions of of the last 4 they were eligible for. This filters out teams with 1 good competition and nothing else (e.g. Wales, Iceland). All entrants must have appeared in at least 1 World Cup. This filters out relatively strong teams in weak confederations (e.g. Tahiti).

Format of the competition. Teams are seeded and drawn into 4 groups of 6. All teams play each other once, on a neutral ground at tournament setting. The top 2 teams from each group proceed to the quarter-finals where the 4 group winners are kept apart. From here it is straight knockout.

Format of the ties. All ties are played best of 3 on tournament setting. In the knockout stages, a game that is drawn after 90 minutes shall proceed to extra time. If still level after extra time, the game shall proceed to penalties.

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