FSFA Cup 2018
1st Preliminary Round
FootySimulator - FSFA Cup 2018 - 1st Preliminary Round
(N) denotes neutral venue. * denotes After Extra Time.

Surprise of the round was Malaysia overturning a 34 place rankings deficit to defeat Lesotho. The main goalscoring feats were 5 goals for Deon McCaulay of Belize, 4 goals for Lyle Taylor of Montserrat and hat-tricks for Marc Fenelus of Turks & Caicos and Alfred Effiong of Malta.
Tajikistan 4:3 Gibraltar
South Sudan 4:1 Chinese Taipei
Pakistan 1:1 British Virgin Islands
Guam 2:0 Bangladesh
Seychelles 4:0 Sint Maarten
Somalia 2:0 (N) Mongolia
Malaysia 3:2 Lesotho
Thailand 4:0 Sao Tome e Principe
Laos 1:0 San Marino
Saint Martin 6:0 American Samoa
Bonaire 1:3 (N) Tahiti
Vanuatu 1:1 Phillippines
Kyrgyzstan 0:2 Barbados
Andorra 2:2 Fiji
Solomon Islands 4:0 Anguilla
Eritrea 3:3 Papua New Guinea
Bahamas 2:2 US Virgin Islands
Maldives 2:2 Cambodia
Belize 6:2 Dominica
Burma 1:3 Vietnam
Yemen 3:1 Liechtenstein
India 6:1 Macau
Djibouti 1:2 Grenada
Samoa 1:3 Aruba
St. Vincent 5:1 Hong Kong
Afghanistan 2:0 (N) Nepal
St. Lucia 3:1 Cook Islands
Cuba 1:0 Cayman Islands
Puerto Rico 3:0 East Timor
Singapore 2:1 Indonesia
Turks & Caicos Islands 3:0 Sri Lanka
Malta 6:1 Tonga
Brunei 0:1 Mauritius
Bhutan 2:5 Montserrat
The most remarkable scoreline in the replays was Papua New Guinea's 6-4 extra time win over Eritrea, courtesy of a Michael Foster hat-trick. Bahamas were made to regret throwing away a two goal lead in the first game as they were knocked out by US Virgin Islands. Fiji also threw away a two goal lead in their first game however they still managed to win their replay.
British Virgin Islands 1:2 Pakistan
Phillippines 3:1 Vanuatu
Fiji 1:0 Andorra
Papua New Guinea 6:4 AET Eritrea
US Virgin Islands 3:0 Bahamas
Cambodia 3:1 Maldives