FSFA Vase 2019
2nd Round
(N) denotes neutral venue. * denotes After Extra Time.
Falkland Islands, Romani people and Western Isles all overcame lowly rankings to progress to the last 16 of the Vase as well as the First Round of the 2019 FSFA Cup. Aland also caused a sensation with a 6-1 win at Szekely Land. Top goalscoring feats were Hilika's double hat-trick for Zanzibar and Heaume's 4 goals for Guernsey.
County of Nice 0:8 (N) Zanzibar
Provence 2:3 (N) Northern Cyprus
Western Isles 4:3 (N) Shetland Islands
Isle of Wight 0:1 Corsica
Falkland Islands 4:2 (N) Wallis and Futuna
Matabeleland 0:4 (N) Jersey
Western Armenia 1:0 (N) St Pierre and Miquelon
Yap 2:6 Quebec
Isle of Man 4:2 Hitra
Abkhazia 7:1 Ellan Vannin
Szekely Land 1:6 Aland
Somaliand 0:6 (N) Guernsey
Romani people 6:2 (N) Western Sahara
Artsakh 3:3 (N) Iraqi Kurdistan
Mayotte 2:2 (N) AET Arameans Suryoye
Panjab 3:3 (N) AET Karpatalja
Iraqi Kurdistan 3:0 Artsakh
Arameans Suryoye 0:1 (N) AET Mayotte
Karpatalja 1:2 (N) AET Panjab