FSFA Cup 2020
1st Round
FootySimulator - FSFA Cup 2020 - First Round
Four big shocks in the first round proper. Iraqi Kurdistan, Dominica, Mongolia and Eswatini all beat opponents ranked 40 places or more above them. Yu-Song Kim (North Korea) topped the goalscoring with 4 goals while there were also hat-tricks for Louis Mafouta (C.A.R.) and Mitch Cooper (Vanuatu). Further hat-tricks were added by Mendes (4 goals) and Mendy in Guinea-Bissau's replay victory against Guernsey.
Sudan 0:1 Liberia
Reunion 1:1 Brittany
North Korea 5:0 Panjab
Iraqi Kurdistan 1:0 Lebanon
Curacao 5:1 Nepal
Lesotho 0:0 Corsica
Aruba 2:0 Somalia
Macau 1:4 Estonia
Sint Maarten 4:5 Moldova
Trinidad and Tobago 0:3 Zanzibar
Antigua and Barbuda 4:0 Arameans Suryoye
Vietnam 1:2 Grenada
Dominica 2:1 Dominican Republic
Suriname 2:1 Yemen
Central African Republic 5:0 Galicia
Padania 0:0 Nicaragua
Vanuatu 5:1 Singapore
Sao Tome and Principe 4:1 Comoros
Jordan 2:0 Luxembourg
St Kitts and Nevis 0:1 Rwanda
Guernsey 0:0 Guinea-Bissau
Philippines 2:0 Sri Lanka
Gambia 3:1 New Caledonia
Chad 0:2 Kazakhstan
Mongolia 2:1 Kuwait
New Zealand 2:0 Bermuda
French Guiana 5:1 Papua New Guinea
Sierra Leone 2:3 Eswatini
Brittany 2:0 Reunion
Corsica 2:1 Lesotho
Nicaragua 5:0 Padania
Guinea-Bissau 10:1 Guernsey