FSFA Vase 2020
Niue, Kiribati and Tuvalu had the surprise results of the round, the first two requiring a replay. Shetland and Somaliland both hit 10 goals in their victories while there was a remarkable 6-6 draw in the fixture between Yap and Kiribati. Abdirahman Ali hit 8 for Somaliland, Jamieson (5 goals) and Flaws hit hat-tricks for Shetland. Other hat-tricks were scored by Chipunza (Falklands), Ohman and Dahlstrom (both Gotland).

(N) denotes neutral venue. AET denotes After Extra Time.
Preliminary Round
Yap 6:6 Kiribati
Franconia 0:6 (N) Raetia
Falkland Islands 6:4 Pohnpei
Niue 3:3 (N) Kabylia
Shetland Islands 10:0 Darfur
Tamil Eelam 2:2 (N) Monaco
Tuvalu 2:0 Rhodes
Sealand 2:2 (N) St Pierre and Miquelon
Palau 3:1 Chagos Islands
Hitra 4:1 (N) Barawa
Ryukyu 1:0 (N) FS Micronesia
Froya 3:6 Gotland
Chuuk 5:4 (N) AET Tibet
Vatican City 2:0 (N) Alderney
Western Isles 4:4 Orkney
Matabeleland 3:5 (N) Gozo
Western Sahara 2:6 (N) Wallis and Futuna
Saint Helena 4:2 Sark
Seborga 1:10 (N) Somaliland
Kiribati 7:2 Yap
Kabylia 1:2 (N) AET Niue
Monaco 3:1 Tamil Eelam
St Pierre and Miquelon 6:1 Sealand
Orkney 4:1 Western Isles