FSFA Vase 2020
2nd Round
Guernsey were surprise winners over previous Vase champions Mayotte and overturned a 31 place rankings deficit to win 3-1 at Corbet Field. Michel Kassyoussef hit the only hat-trick of the round for Arameans Suryoye. Every team progressing past this stage enters the FSFA Cup 2020, either in the 2nd Preliminary Round or in the 1st Round proper.

(N) denotes neutral venue. AET denotes After Extra Time.
Corsica 6:1 Sardinia
Galicia 3:3 Occitania
Provence 1:1 (N) Jersey
Arameans Suryoye 4:2 (N) Kiribati
Luhansk 0:1 (N) Iraqi Kurdistan
County of Nice 2:0 (N) Menorca
Padania 6:1 Kernow
Guernsey 3:1 Mayotte
Isle of Wight 5:0 Shetland
Saint Barthelemy 1:7 Brittany
Isle of Man 0:1 Two Sicilies
Panjab 2:0 (N) Donetsk
Gozo 6:0 Saaremaa
United Koreans of Japan 2:1 Abkhazia
Ynys Mon 5:1 Romani people
Zanzibar 4:0 Karpatalja
Occitania 1:8 Galicia
Jersey 3:2 Provence