FSFA Cup 2021
3rd Round
FootySimulator - FSFA Cup 2021 - Third Round
In a round where former champions were eliminated, Spain and Brazil made strong statements of their challenge for the 2021 trophy. Denmark fell to El Salvador while Netherlands lost to Sweden. Top ranked Belgium lost to the USA. In all three cases the previous champions fell to late goals. With a ranking of 132, Malawi were the lowest ranked team to progress to the last 32 though 138 ranked Kyrgyzstan were denied by an 88th minute equaliser from Ukraine. Jamaica, Romania and Montenegro were all surprise victors. Russia needed a late equaliser to avoid a shock defeat to Jordan. Senegal led twice before being pegged back by Turkey. Two hat-tricks were scored. Jesus Manuel Corona for Mexico against Chile and Marcus Rashford for England against Scotland.
El Salvador 2:0 Denmark
Tunisia 2:1 Venezuela
Angola 0:7 Brazil
Mexico 4:1 Chile
USA 3:2 Belgium
Slovenia 1:0 Albania
Italy 2:0 Azerbaijan
Haiti 0:1 Nigeria
Poland 1:2 Norway
Kyrgyzstan 1:1 Ukraine
Jamaica 3:1 Hungary
South Africa 1:1 DR Congo
Morocco 5:1 Kenya
England 3:2 Scotland
Iran 2:1 Iceland
Qatar 2:1 Guatemala
Spain 8:1 Croatia
Burkina Faso 0:0 Uganda
Benin 1:1 Guinea
Australia 1:2 Czech Republic
Equatorial Guinea 2:0 Algeria
Wales 1:0 Mauritania
Austria 2:0 Israel
Finland 0:1 Argentina
Turkey 2:2 Senegal
Malawi 3:1 Honduras
Russia 2:2 Jordan
Japan 0:0 France
Romania 0:1 South Korea
Uruguay 4:0 Martinique
Montenegro 1:0 Ghana
Sweden 2:1 Netherlands
Ukraine 5:1 Kyrgyzstan
DR Congo 1:2 South Africa
Uganda 0:0 AET Burkina Faso
Guinea 1:2 Benin
Senegal 2:0 Turkey
Jordan 0:0 AET Russia
France 1:0 Japan
Second Replays
Burkina Faso 2:1 Uganda
Russia 3:0 Jordan