FSFA Trophy 2021
FootySimulator - FSFA Trophy Introduction
FSFA Trophy 2021

The FSFA Trophy is a NEW virtual international football tournament for 'non-league' countries that are not affiliated to FIFA or any of the six continental confederations. As we have recently added several new non-FIFA teams which were too powerful for the FSFA Vase, we have decided to split the old competition into two. The FSFA Trophy consists of teams that are not members of CONIFA, the Island Games Association or the Micronesian Games. In general these teams are independent countries not in FIFA or large regions.

The FSFA Trophy also serves as a qualifying tournament for the FSFA Cup which we have been running since 2007. The 4 teams that progress to the Semi-Finals or beyond will qualify automatically for the 1st Round of the FSFA Cup 2021. The 4 teams that are eliminated in the Quarter-Finals will qualify for the final Preliminary Round of the FSFA Cup 2021.

Format. All games are best of 1 and will be have a home team where this is possible. In reality many games, particularly in the early rounds will be staged at neutral venues. Fifteen teams were eligible for the inaugural competition. The highest ranked of these Basque Country were awarded a bye. The other 14 teams play for the 7 remaining Quarter-Final places.

Format of the ties. Home and away where possible. Should a game be drawn after 90 minutes, the game will proceed to a replay which can feature extra time. If a game is still drawn after a replay, there shall be a second replay, with extra time if necessary, at a neutral ground.

Debutants.Basque Country, Catalonia