FSFA Trophy 2021
1st Round
The major shock of the round occurred in the only replay. Brittany must have thought they'd done the hard part by drawing with Quebec in the opening game of the competition. However a solitary Quebec goal in the replay enabled the visitors to overturn an 87 place ranking disadvantage.

(N) denotes neutral venue. AET denotes After Extra Time.
Quebec 0:0 (N) Brittany
Donetsk 2:0 (N) Saint Barthelemy
Galicia 3:2 Zanzibar
Wallis and Futuna 3:1 Saint Pierre and Miquelon
Sardinia 1:3 (N) Catalonia
Corsica 6:0 Monaco
Vatican City 0:7 Luhansk
Brittany 0:1 Quebec