FSFA Vase 2021
1st Round
Shetland completed an incredible turnaround against Pohnpei in the opening tie, overturning a 4-0 half-time deficit to force a replay. Jersey enjoyed a surprise thumping of Abkhazia. Isle of Man had 9 different goalscorers against Palau. Artsakh, Padania and Gozo all recorded double figure scores but pride of place went to Isle of Wight who hit 27. In the tie of the round, top seeds Northern Cyprus and Country of Nice went head to head and the hosts prevailed 4-2.

(N) denotes neutral venue. AET denotes After Extra Time.
First Round
Pohnpei 5:5 Shetland
Alderney 1:6 Provence
Western Sahara 2:5 (N) Orkney
Tuvalu 0:3 Karpatalja
Artsakh 14:1 Franconia
Chameria 5:0 (N) Delvidek
Greenland 3:1 Matabeleland
Aland Islands 4:1 Hitra
Jersey 6:0 Abkhazia
Isle of Man 14:0 Palau
Saint Helena 2:1 Ynys Mon
Padania 12:0 Tibet
Gozo 17:0 West Papua
Felvidek 0:2 (N) Kurdistan Region
Northern Cyprus 4:2 County of Nice
South Ossetia 7:1 (N) Barawa
Northern Marianas 1:5 Arameans Suryoye
Sapmi 1:0 Western Isles
Occitania 9:0 Niue
Kiribati 1:2 Parishes of Jersey
Froya 3:7 Gotland
Isle of Wight 27:0 Seborga
Two Sicilies 4:0 Ellan Vannin
Rhodes 1:0 Menorca
Cascadia 6:3 (N) Tamil Eelam
Szekely Land 1:4 United Koreans of Japan
Panjab 4:0 (N) Kabylia
Falkland Islands 1:5 Kernow
Sealand 3:3 (N) Yap
Yorkshire 2:2 Chuuk
Western Armenia 2:2 (N) Guernsey
Saaremaa 5:4 (N) Romani people
Micronesian teams featured heavily in the replays and all 3 were to be disappointed. Shetland completed their remarkable recovery against Pohnpei while Yorkshire thrashed Chuuk. In a sensational match, Sealand defeated Yap in an 11 goal thriller. The 90 minute score was 3-3.

(N) denotes neutral venue. AET denotes After Extra Time.
Shetland 4:0 Pohnpei
Yap 5:6 AET Sealand
Chuuk 2:6 (N) Yorkshire
Guernsey 3:2 Western Armenia