FSFA Vase 2021
2nd Round
Orkney pulled off a big surprise beating an Aramean side 50 places above them in the rankings. South Ossetia beat a Guernsey side 21 places above them. Greenland raced into a 4-0 lead against Sapmi before conceding 3 late goals.

(N) denotes neutral venue. AET denotes After Extra Time.
Aland Islands 2:0 Gotland
Gozo 2:2 Yorkshire
Arameans Suryoye 0:1 (N) Orkney
Cascadia 2:2 (N) AET Chameria
Jersey 1:1 Northern Cyprus
Shetland 0:1 Panjab
South Ossetia 1:0 (N) Guernsey
Greenland 4:3 Sapmi
Isle of Wight 6:2 Parishes of Jersey
Kernow 0:7 Provence
Occitania 7:1 United Koreans of Japan
Isle of Man 3:1 Rhodes
Saint Helena 0:6 Two Sicilies
Padania 3:0 Karpatalja
Saaremaa 6:4 (N) Sealand
Kurdistan Region 6:1 Artsakh
Yorkshire 1:3 Gozo
Chameria 1:1 (N) AET Cascadia
Northern Cyprus 3:1 AET Jersey
2nd Replay
Cascadia 2:1 (N) AET Chameria