FSFA Vase 2021
3rd Round
A highly competitive round saw no less than 4 replays, one of which saw the only hat-trick of the round for Ahmet Sivri of Northern Cyprus.

(N) denotes neutral venue. AET denotes After Extra Time.
Occitania 2:4 Provence
Cascadia 2:2 (N) Gozo
Orkney 1:1 Two Sicilies
Kurdistan Region 5:1 Aland Islands
Greenland 4:1 Saaremaa
Northern Cyprus 0:0 South Ossetia
Padania 4:1 Isle of Man
Isle of Wight 0:0 Panjab
Gozo 3:4 Cascadia
Two Sicilies 4:1 Orkney
South Ossetia 0:4 (N) Northern Cyprus
Panjab 3:1 (N) Isle of Wight