FSFA Vase 2021
Matches played at home venues unless stated.

This was a round where the victors would win automatic qualification to Round 1 of the FSFA Cup and losers would face a play-off. Panjab finally terminated Cascadia's marathon tournament with help from two goals by Amar Singh Purewal. Northern Cyprus' run ended in brutal style at the hands of a rampant Provence team.
Cascadia 2:4 (N) Panjab
Two Sicilies 0:2 Padania
Provence 5:0 (N) Northern Cyprus
Greenland 2:0 Kurdistan Region
From this point forward all games are played at a neutral venue (Jersey).

The two remaining winners both fell at the semi-final stage in surprise defeats at Springfield Stadium. Provence's heroics were the greater surprise, but the individual honours went to Malik Juhl who scored a hat-trick in Greenland's comeback victory.
Padania 1:3 Provence
Greenland 4:2 Panjab
Provence 3:0 Greenland
A surprise final with both sides making their first ever appearance in it, turned out to be disappointingly one-sided. Nonetheless Provence eliminated powerhouse teams Padania and Northern Cyprus on their way to the final so it was a well-earned trophy.