Commonwealth Football Championship 2014
FootySimulator - Commonwealth Football Championship
Commonwealth Football Championship

The Commonwealth Games doesn't have its own football tournament so we'll be playing one on their behalf in each year that a Commonwealth Games takes place. The host nation shall be the host of that year's Commonwealth Games - in 2014 this is Scotland. The competition is open to all teams that are part of the Commonwealth Games Association. Note there are some other teams and regions that are part of the Commonwealth which aren't in the CGA so these have been excluded from the 2014 edition.

Format. Entrants are placed into regional qualification pools with the exception of a few high ranking teams which are exempt until the final tournament. From there the 32 teams are divided into 8 groups of 4 with the competition proceeding in exactly the same way as a 32 team world cup.

Format of the ties. The group stages are run using FootySimulator's group play functionality. From there the competition splits into 2. The knockout draw is played out once over a best of 1 game format. It is played a second time using the middle result in a best of 5. This is to illustrate the differences that can be achieved using the two formats. Drawn matches proceed to extra time and then penalties.

Best of 1 Competition Best of 5 Competition