All time great club teams available on FootySimulator

These All Time Great club teams are available to VIP subscribers. Squad and kit information is generally available. ATG club teams can be selected for matches against other ATG club teams from any country and any era but not against international teams are the current club teams available in Club FootySimulator.
Arsenal 1971Arsenal
Arsenal 1989Arsenal
Arsenal 1991Arsenal
Arsenal 1994Arsenal
Arsenal 1998Arsenal
Arsenal 2002Arsenal
Arsenal 2004Arsenal
Aston Villa 1981Aston Villa
Blackburn 1995Blackburn
Chelsea 1970Chelsea
Chelsea 1998Chelsea
Chelsea 2005Chelsea
Chelsea 2006Chelsea
Chelsea 2010Chelsea
Chelsea 2015Chelsea
Chelsea 2017Chelsea
Chelsea 2021Chelsea
Derby 1972Derby
Everton 1970Everton
Everton 1985Everton
Ipswich 1981Ipswich
Leeds United 1971Leeds United
Leeds United 1972Leeds United
Leeds United 1974Leeds United
Leicester City 2016Leicester City
Liverpool 1977Liverpool
Liverpool 1978Liverpool
Liverpool 1979Liverpool
Liverpool 1984Liverpool
Liverpool 1986Liverpool
Liverpool 1988Liverpool
Liverpool 1990Liverpool
Liverpool 1996Liverpool
Liverpool 2001Liverpool
Liverpool 2009Liverpool
Liverpool 2014Liverpool
Liverpool 2019Liverpool
Liverpool 2020Liverpool
Manchester City 2012Manchester City
Manchester City 2014Manchester City
Manchester City 2018Manchester City
Manchester City 2019Manchester City
Manchester City 2021Manchester City
Manchester Utd 1957Manchester Utd
Manchester Utd 1968Manchester Utd
Manchester Utd 1976Manchester Utd
Manchester Utd 1980Manchester Utd
Manchester Utd 1988Manchester Utd
Manchester Utd 1994Manchester Utd
Manchester Utd 1996Manchester Utd
Manchester Utd 1999Manchester Utd
Manchester Utd 2008Manchester Utd
Manchester Utd 2009Manchester Utd
Manchester Utd 2011Manchester Utd
Newcastle Utd 1996Newcastle Utd
Newcastle Utd 1997Newcastle Utd
Nottingham Forest 1978Nottingham Forest
Nottingham Forest 1979Nottingham Forest
Tottenham 1961Tottenham
Tottenham 1963Tottenham
Tottenham 1987Tottenham
Tottenham 2017Tottenham
Wolves 1958Wolves
Bayern Munich 1973Bayern Munich
Bayern Munich 1974Bayern Munich
Bayern Munich 1976Bayern Munich
Bayern Munich 1981Bayern Munich
Bayern Munich 1987Bayern Munich
Bayern Munich 1999Bayern Munich
Bayern Munich 2001Bayern Munich
Bayern Munich 2013Bayern Munich
Bayern Munich 2014Bayern Munich
Bayern Munich 2016Bayern Munich
Bayern Munich 2017Bayern Munich
Bayern Munich 2020Bayern Munich
Borussia Dortmund 1997Borussia Dortmund
Borussia Dortmund 2012Borussia Dortmund
Borussia Dortmund 2013Borussia Dortmund
Hamburg 1980Hamburg
Köln 1978Köln
Bayer Leverkusen 2002Bayer Leverkusen
Borussia MG 1975Borussia MG
Borussia MG 1977Borussia MG
Werder Bremen 2004Werder Bremen
Cagliari 1970Cagliari
Internazionale 1964Internazionale
Internazionale 1965Internazionale
Internazionale 1989Internazionale
Internazionale 2008Internazionale
Internazionale 2010Internazionale
Juventus 1960Juventus
Juventus 1978Juventus
Juventus 1985Juventus
Juventus 1996Juventus
Juventus 1998Juventus
Juventus 2003Juventus
Juventus 2012Juventus
Juventus 2014Juventus
Juventus 2015Juventus
Juventus 2017Juventus
Juventus 2018Juventus
Lazio 1974Lazio
Lazio 2000Lazio
Milan 1963Milan
Milan 1969Milan
Milan 1989Milan
Milan 1990Milan
Milan 1992Milan
Milan 1994Milan
Milan 2003Milan
Milan 2005Milan
Milan 2007Milan
Napoli 1990Napoli
Roma 2001Roma
Sampdoria 1991Sampdoria
Torino 1976Torino
Ajax 1971Ajax
Ajax 1972Ajax
Ajax 1995Ajax
Ajax 2019Ajax
AZ67 Alkmaar 1981AZ67 Alkmaar
Feijenoord 1970Feijenoord
Feyenoord 1974Feyenoord
Feyenoord 1984Feyenoord
Feyenoord 2010Feyenoord
Feyenoord 2017Feyenoord
PSV Eindhoven 1988PSV Eindhoven
PSV Eindhoven 2005PSV Eindhoven
PSV Eindhoven 2015PSV Eindhoven
Benfica 1961Benfica
Benfica 1963Benfica
Benfica 1968Benfica
Benfica 1972Benfica
Benfica 1990Benfica
Benfica 2015Benfica
Porto 1987Porto
Porto 2003Porto
Porto 2004Porto
Porto 2011Porto
Porto 2013Porto
Atlético Madrid 2014Atlético Madrid
Barcelona 1959Barcelona
Barcelona 1992Barcelona
Barcelona 2006Barcelona
Barcelona 2009Barcelona
Barcelona 2011Barcelona
Barcelona 2015Barcelona
Barcelona 2018Barcelona
Real Madrid 1958Real Madrid
Real Madrid 1960Real Madrid
Real Madrid 1969Real Madrid
Real Madrid 1990Real Madrid
Real Madrid 2002Real Madrid
Real Madrid 2012Real Madrid
Real Madrid 2014Real Madrid
Real Madrid 2016Real Madrid
Real Madrid 2017Real Madrid