How to use FootySimulator to compare the greatest teams of all time

Which is the greatest football team of all time?

That is the question that FootySimulator Gold attempts to answer. Using the same system that FootySimulator uses to calculate rankings, FootySimulator Gold has gone back through the archives and created ratings for some of the greatest football teams to ever play the game.

The first version of FootySimulator Gold looked just at English club sides. In those tests, the Liverpool team of 1978-79 prevailed against Manchester United 2007-08 and Chelsea 2004-05 in competitions involving over 70 of the greatest English football teams ever.

Next came an international version, available to all subscribers. This now has well over 100 international teams including nearly all World Cup winners and finalists. We've also thrown in the greatest ever teams from smaller nations such as Iceland so that you have more options to choose from than just tournament winners.

In 2020 work began on a new and improved set of All-Time Great Club sides to be part of our brand new VIP service. This time the ratings placed greater emphasis on continental competition. Additionally the list of teams was expanded to include some of the greatest teams to ever play the game in Italy, Spain, Germany, Portugal and the Netherlands.

Compared to the original club version, the 2020s FootySimulator Gold has more accuracy in terms of squads and kits.

We're still looking to expand the list of teams in both the international and club versions so keep checking the list of teams which you can access by clicking the buttons below.