All time great international teams available on FootySimulator

These All Time Great international teams are available to VIP subscribers. Squad and kit information is generally available. ATG international teams can be selected for matches against other ATG international teams AND against current international teams.
Albania 2016Albania
Algeria 1982Algeria
Algeria 2019Algeria
Angola 2006Angola
Argentina 1930Argentina
Argentina 1966Argentina
Argentina 1978Argentina
Argentina 1986Argentina
Argentina 2014Argentina
Australia 2006Australia
Australia 2015Australia
Austria 1934Austria
Austria 1954Austria
Austria 1978Austria
Austria 1982Austria
Belgium 1980Belgium
Belgium 1986Belgium
Belgium 1994Belgium
Belgium 2018Belgium
Burkina Faso 2013Burkina Faso
Bolivia 1994Bolivia
Bosnia & Herzegovina 2014Bosnia & Herzegovina
Brazil 1950Brazil
Brazil 1958Brazil
Brazil 1962Brazil
Brazil 1970Brazil
Brazil 1978Brazil
Brazil 1982Brazil
Brazil 1994Brazil
Brazil 1998Brazil
Brazil 2002Brazil
Bulgaria 1994Bulgaria
Cameroon 1990Cameroon
Cameroon 2002Cameroon
Chile 1962Chile
Chile 2015Chile
Ivory Coast 2010Ivory Coast
Colombia 1990Colombia
Colombia 2014Colombia
Costa Rica 1990Costa Rica
Costa Rica 2014Costa Rica
Croatia 1998Croatia
Croatia 2018Croatia
Czech Republic 1996Czech Republic
Czech Republic 2004Czech Republic
Denmark 1986Denmark
Denmark 1992Denmark
Denmark 1998Denmark
Ecuador 2006Ecuador
Egypt 2010Egypt
England 1966England
England 1970England
England 1982England
England 1990England
England 1996England
England 2002England
England 2018England
England 2020England
Finland 2020Finland
France 1958France
France 1984France
France 1986France
France 1998France
France 2000France
France 2006France
France 2018France
France 2022France
West Germany 1954West Germany
West Germany 1972West Germany
West Germany 1974West Germany
West Germany 1980West Germany
West Germany 1990West Germany
Germany 1996Germany
Germany 2002Germany
Germany 2014Germany
Ghana 2010Ghana
Greece 2004Greece
Hungary 1938Hungary
Hungary 1954Hungary
Republic of Ireland 1990Republic of Ireland
Republic of Ireland 2002Republic of Ireland
Iceland 2016Iceland
Italy 1934Italy
Italy 1938Italy
Italy 1970Italy
Italy 1982Italy
Italy 1994Italy
Italy 2006Italy
Italy 2020Italy
Japan 2011Japan
Latvia 2004Latvia
Mexico 1986Mexico
Mexico 1994Mexico
Morocco 1986Morocco
Netherlands 1974Netherlands
Netherlands 1978Netherlands
Netherlands 1988Netherlands
Netherlands 1998Netherlands
Netherlands 2010Netherlands
Netherlands 2014Netherlands
Nigeria 1994Nigeria
Northern Ireland 1982Northern Ireland
Northern Ireland 2016Northern Ireland
Norway 1998Norway
New Zealand 1982New Zealand
New Zealand 2010New Zealand
Paraguay 1958Paraguay
Paraguay 2010Paraguay
Peru 1970Peru
Peru 1978Peru
Poland 1974Poland
Poland 1982Poland
Poland 2016Poland
Portugal 1966Portugal
Portugal 2000Portugal
Portugal 2006Portugal
Portugal 2016Portugal
North Korea 1966North Korea
South Korea 2002South Korea
Romania 1990Romania
Romania 1994Romania
Russia 2008Russia
Russia 2018Russia
Saudi Arabia 1994Saudi Arabia
Scotland 1974Scotland
Senegal 2002Senegal
Senegal 2021Senegal
Spain 1964Spain
Spain 1984Spain
Spain 2008Spain
Spain 2010Spain
Spain 2012Spain
Slovakia 2010Slovakia
Sweden 1958Sweden
Sweden 1974Sweden
Sweden 1994Sweden
Sweden 2004Sweden
Switzerland 2006Switzerland
Czechoslovakia 1934Czechoslovakia
Czechoslovakia 1962Czechoslovakia
Czechoslovakia 1976Czechoslovakia
Tunisia 1978Tunisia
Turkey 2002Turkey
Turkey 2008Turkey
Ukraine 2006Ukraine
Uruguay 1930Uruguay
Uruguay 1950Uruguay
Uruguay 1954Uruguay
Uruguay 1970Uruguay
Uruguay 2010Uruguay
Venezuela 2011Venezuela
Wales 1958Wales
Wales 2016Wales
Yugoslavia 1968Yugoslavia
Yugoslavia 1990Yugoslavia
Zambia 2012Zambia