Have you ever wondered who would win a game of football between Cape Verde Islands and Luxembourg? Frankly, neither have I.

This website gives you the ability to pit over 200 international football teams up against each other for whatever reason you like.

Using FootySimulator you can do any or all of the following :-
  • Run your own virtual football leagues, cups, and tournaments.

  • Be your very own Sepp Blatter or Gianni Infantino. You decide which teams shall take part in your FootySimulator World Cup and what the format shall be.

  • Move your FootySimulator World Cup from Russia or Qatar to wherever you want: England, Iceland or Tahiti.

  • Play your very own Reverse World Cup where the team which loses advances to the next round.
    The very worst team wins the competition.

  • Skip the main match altogether and go straight through to the penalty shoot-out.

  • Settle pub arguments by using an impartial computer program to determine who wins out of Puerto Rico and Madagascar.

  • Use FootySimulator to generate predictions of results and scores for forthcoming matches.

It's up to you.