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FootySimulator - The International Football Scores Predictor - Some acknowledgements
I wrote my very first FootySimulator prototype in the late 1980s on a ZX Spectrum. All ratings were calculated with pen and paper and results were entered manually. Since then the software that has evolved into FootySimulator has become much more streamlined and it seems appropriate to provide acknowledgements as to the sources of the data and some of the assistance that has allowed the site to progress to its present state.
In the early days of FootySimulator, World Soccer magazine was my definitive source for all results.
Nowadays international data is also derived from Club data is derived from and International squad information generally comes from
Where necessary, data is corroborated from the BBC website, wikipedia and the RSSSF website. I'd like to thank our site users who have sent in kind comments and suggestions. They are all appreciated. I'd also like to thank those how have shared links and commented on social media.