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How to find our archive of international football results

From the Subscriber Area >> Results Archive Screen you can view a history of a nation's competitive matches. The team profile screen will default to the Home Country you registered with, or changed to via the My Preferences Screen.
From here you can potentially view all the competitive games your selected country has played. You can filter by date or venue. If you believe there are any omissions please email stating the competition, opposition and date. Please read the article on The FootySimulator Database before you do so.

How to find individual football results in the archive

You can narrow down the eligible list of games by date range, origin of opposition and even type of game (qualifier, tournament etc.)

Games on neutral grounds are traditionally either i) matches in finals tournaments ii) one-off play-off matches iii) 'oddball' qualifying tournaments where the normal home and away format does not apply iv) games that have been move by the governing body for security or disciplinary reasons. v) Just occasionally a country may choose to rescind its home advantage of its own free will. This will either take the form of switching the game to the opposition country , or sometimes a nearby large stadium in a neutal country. For example, San Marino have played big games in Bologna, and Andorra have played some home fixtures in Barcelona.

What information you will see in our international football results archive

Whichever selection criteria you have chosen, you will see a list of all matches which fulfil those criteria, followed by a summary table showing the total wins, draws, losses and goals for and against. If your selected country has notched up a particularly long winless or unbeaten run this will be highlighted in the summary area.