The preferences screen allows you to customise FootySimulator in a number of ways. You can access the Preferences Screen via the icon at the bottom of the screen when you are logged into FootySimulator.
Your options
Odds Display
Traditional(default): Evens; 5/2; 100/30; 8-1 etc.
Decimal : 2.00; 3.50; 4.33; 9.00 etc.

Odds Value
Many of the functions on the FootySimulator site are accompanied by odds. You can choose between viewing the bookmakers' odds (default option) or the 'true' odds - which are the odds based on the real probability ( i.e. the odds bookmakers would offer if their profit margin was removed ).

Home Country
This will determine what team you see by default when you go to the International >> Team Profiles screen before selecting a drop down option. Use this to select your home country or favourite national side.

Display Flags
Set to YES if you would like to see national flags and some other pictures displayed. This will make the site look nicer but take longer to load.

Email Address
Some of the more advanced functionality (not the free stuff though !) allows you to receive emails containing information ranging from match analysis from simulations, to rankings, to other stuff not visible on the free service. This is an optional extra, but if you do enter your email address here, you may be able to benefit from this if you choose to upgrade later on.

Password Info.

N.B. any changes that you choose to make will only take effect once you log out and log back in again.