Go to the Selection Screen.

Select a team from the drop-down list. You may first narrow down this list by confedaration, initial letter or other features by clicking on one of the icons above the list of teams. Once you have selected a team, repeat the process to select another. Make sure your selections are different.

Next, you have to decide where the game is to be played. Usually you will have the option of selecting either team to be the home team and will also have the option of playing the game at a neutral venue and sometimes in 'tournament mode'.

Next, you must select how many times you wish the game to be played. The higher this value, the more realistic the overall predictions. However the more simulations you run, the longer this will take. So, be mindful of your connection speed before selecting a large number.

Finally on this screen you can determine the method of settling a drawn match. You may choose to leave a game drawn or have a tie-breaker based on extra time, penalty shoot-out or golden goal.

Once you are happy with your selections of teams and other parameters, click on the Match button. Note that if you are using the free version of this site, you will be able to run up to 99 simulations. If you subscribe you can run up to 999 simulations. At this level, you can generate realistic odds and statistics. A 2 Leg Match button is also available. This runs a best of 1 match between your selected teams, home and away.

... onwards to the preview screen ...

The preview screen shows some basic details on the teams you have selected. You will see a representation of each team's attacking and defensive abilities plus each team's current FootySimulator world ranking.

The only options you have here are to go forwards or back. Click the Kick Off button to start generating your simulation. This will open in a new window so, if you have popup-blocker software installed on your PC, make sure it is disabled for this site.

You will also see the summary details of both teams' recent competitive games and a history of head-to-head competitive matches between the teams (international mode only).

Selecting 2 teams from the same confederation is much faster if you click one of the logos towards the top of the selection screen. This will limit the options in each drop-down box to countries currently playing in that confederation. To 'unfilter' your selection, simply click on the red CLEAR button. You can tell which filter is currently active by the different text colour and background.

If you have selected a small number of simulations, you will be taken to a basic screen showing the details of that match. Subscribers will see team and goalscorer information where available.

If you have selected a larger number of simulations, you will be taken to a more sophisticated srceen containing a wealth of statistical data including averages and betting details based on the simulations you have just run. More information about this is to be found in the sections entitled Analysing Your Data.